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Truflation’s indexes are a premium source of independent censorship resistant financial and economic data on-chain. Truflation is the engine that powers inflation protected web3 applications and blockchain economies.

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Why Truflation

Data Breadth

We source data from over 30 different data providers resulting in multiple data sources for each category.

Data Depth

Each data source provides us with census-level data resulting in us tracking more than 10 million items every day.

Updated Daily

Our Indexes are updated every single day.


We are independent, unbiased and available on-chain.

Our Belief

At Truflation, we believe in data and methodology, not sentiment and surveys. We believe the world is better with open, independent, agenda free economic data. We endeavor to empower developers with the tools and data they need to build the future.

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Our Methodology

Data is at the core of what Truflation is all about. Currently, we track the price of more than 10 million different items from more than 30 different data sources, and these numbers are growing with every product update.

Truflation Insights

09 August 2022

  • News

Fed Update: Are we in ‘recession’ yet?

On 27th July, the Fed raised interest rates by three-quarter points for the second month. Let’s look at our data insights & where the market thinks we are in this tightening cycle.

04 August 2022

  • News

ONS CPI vs CPIH: Let’s break it down

Truflation’s quest for global inflation data moves closer to reality with our UK inflation index launch. In this post, we turned our sights on the Office of National Statistics (ONS) and its two consumer price indexes: CPI & CPIH.

28 July 2022

  • News

Truflation Launches Independent UK Inflation Index

Truflation has released an independent UK inflation index based on robust commerce data from 10 providers. The new index, which places UK CPIH inflation at 13.68% over the 12 months to 27th July 2022, is over 6% higher than the official figures reported by the UK’s Office for National Statistics.

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The entire Truflation approach is a developer-led one. Check out our Developer Center to access all the tools and supports we have to help you build an inflation protected future..

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